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Rahio is growing uncomfortable with solely depending on vision systems due to the problems associated with such factors as dirt/mud, heavy rain or snow, glaring sun, and reflections off water or pavement. Hence the addition of other sense elements such as Radar or Lidar.

Our Company is adding more sensors and fuse them together with other external data and with maps. The benefits are a great level of contextual awareness of the vehicle to its environment and an extended informational horizon as a vehicle can now see beyond itself through the “vision” of other cars or infrastructure.

When it comes to pure performance, Rahio have different engines to which we can select: Central Processing Unit (CPU), Graphics processing Unit (GPU), Digital Signal Processing (DSP) or Image Signal Processor (ISP). We are also working to create complex heterogeneous-compute platforms to help meet the processing demand.


Arsalan Rahi

Founder / Managing Director

Arsalan Rahi

Arsalan Rahi, has just got his MPhil degree at UH with research in Transport Data Predictions using AI, previously got his MSc in Embedded Intelligent Systems at UH as well. With the background as an Electronics Power Engineer. He had authored two international technical research publications one during his MPhil on AI and one during his undergraduate studies for database technologies.


Hassan Raza

Co-Founder / Director of Operations

Hassan Raza

Hassan Raza has just completed his degree in Computer Science (Networks) at UH. The degree really helped him in improving his skills on Networking and programming. He is also a web developer and recently made an online student portal for college in his final year project. Last year, he made a mobile gaming app using Swift Language for IOS users. He knows a lot about the hardware as well. He used to work in a computer repair shop for more than a year. He used to repair IT equipment’s such as Laptops, Desktops, CPU, Mobile Phones etc. This job also boosted his customer interaction and negotiation skills.