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ADAS Advanced Driver Assistance System, to help the driver in the driving process. Safety features are designed to avoid collisions and accidents by offering the AI technology that alert the driver from potential problems and warn them to take measures before dangers happens.


Everything starts with data. Rahio have heavily focused on vision-enabled systems, leveraging the cost effectiveness of image sensors thanks in part to the consumer electronics. These sensors use machine vision, to provide 50 to 60 frames per second to closely approximate real time performance.

Our Company is growing uncomfortable with solely depending on vision systems due to the problems associated with such factors as dirt/mud, heavy rain or snow, glaring sun, and reflections off water or pavement. Hence the addition of other sense elements such as Radar or Lidar. Even these technologies have their negatives, largely cost and the fact that they cannot read signage. This also brings in other data such as mapping or data from vehicle to infrastructure or other vehicles.

Our Company is adding more sensors and fuse them together with other external data and with maps. The benefits are a great level of contextual awareness of the vehicle to its environment and an extended informational horizon as a vehicle can now see beyond itself through the “vision” of other cars or infrastructure

When it comes to pure performance, Rahio have different engines to which we can select: Central Processing Unit (CPU), Graphics processing Unit (GPU), Digital Signal Processing (DSP) or Image Signal Processor (ISP). We are also working to create complex heterogeneous-compute platforms to help meet the processing demand.


Rahio’s vision well-being innovation for ADAS is making the present roadways more secure for all. We work firmly with worldwide automakers to consistently establish evolution in well-being and satisfaction. Throughout the following quite a while, as increasingly tough security guidelines are executed in significant markets, it is normal that the level of recently created vehicles that contain ADAS will rise.

Expanding on ADAS items like Automatic Emergency Braking and Lane Keeping Assistance, that shape the structure hinders for more elevated level self-driving vehicles, Rahio is currently utilizing the most recent methods in Artificial Intelligence and profound figuring out how to install 360-degree encompass mono-vision detecting; to assemble topmost, publicly supported maps; and to give vehicles the PC insight required to arrange complex driving circumstances. We accept that these advances, alongside significant mechanical information sources created by our automaker and provider ally, can in the end bring about an existence where vehicle wounds and causality can be decreased by an outstanding number.

We look forward to significant future development from further assumption of ADAS technologies, just as early volumes of more significant level autonomous systems which convey higher Average Selling Prices for Rahio chips.